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Wollongong 2013
Vienna 2014
Washington 2015
Wollongong 2016
London 2017
Buenos Aires 2019

Infrastructure: the fabric of a changing society

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts, and continues to impact, every aspect of our established ways of life. It has laid bare the risks and vulnerabilities that accompany the substantial global flows of people and goods. The pandemic highlights what we already know, that energy, water, transport, information, telecommunication and waste management services are all essential for the health and well-being of every citizen. Notwithstanding COVID-19, the development of next generation infrastructure is a key challenge for both developing and developed countries. ISNGI 2021 provides a platform for infrastructure systems research and practice, especially for transdisciplinary research which seeks to conceptualize, enact and model an integrative approach and make a system-of-systems view to infrastructure operational. ISNGI 2021 invites contributions from leading academics, industry leaders and government representatives. The vision of ISNGI is to ensure the best and sharpest minds from industry, government and academia collectively inform strategies to meet the next generation infrastructure challenges.

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