Poster and Paper Submission

ISNGI, London – 11-13th September 2017:  Call for paper and poster abstracts

As a society, we have high expectations of infrastructure systems.  For example, we expect them to foster long-term and sustainable economic growth across all regions; improve the UK’s international competitiveness; and improve the quality of life of current and future generations.  If we are to come close to achieving these long-term objectives, we need to develop effective approaches to address system-wide problems.

Next generation infrastructure (NGI) systems need to be conceived, designed and created, operated, maintained, regulated and governed with sustainability and resilience to system problems as core objectives. Furthermore, a similar approach is needed for the management and maintenance of existing infrastructure systems, which provide the context from which the NGI needs to grow; i.e., we need to develop and complement and/or progressively replace our existing infrastructure systems.

NGI needs to be adaptable to changing context and needs, which in turn means that it must be smart: monitored using appropriate sensing technologies to assess performance (and maintenance needs), and reactive to this monitoring in its operation.  Moreover, it needs to both serve and connect cities of the future, and therefore satisfy the needs of citizens, societies and economies of the far future.  This requires an understanding of citizens, societies and cities of the future – how people will live, work and spend their leisure time.

Moving towards an outcome-focused model for NGI requires a full appreciation of the value that is realised by our infrastructure systems, and this enables the formation of alternative business models for innovation-led infrastructure system delivery at a range of scales from local through national to global systems.

The above arguments raise questions and issues for the infrastructure communities and all of their stakeholders, such as:

How can NGI help to realise city visions?
How can Smart NGI help deliver smart cities?
How can infrastructure interdependencies be turned from threats to opportunities?
How can we engineer our infrastructure systems in the face of extreme contextual change?
Big data – a route to efficiency or transformation?
Open data – an infrastructure threat or opportunity?
How can modelling and simulation be mobilised in support of NGI?
The role of governance in delivering NGI and its outcomes
Infrastructure systems synthesis across the scales – from global to local
How can we formulate novel NGI business models to facilitate multiple value capture and investment risk reduction?
How can we transform current infrastructure systems into NGI?
Thinking outside the Silo: system-wide purpose, vision and strategy – aligning decisions, performance and needs assessment with system-wide vision of aspirational outcomes
How can we engender coherence across government strategies – aligned high level purpose
Current advances in Digital Transformation to enable NGI
Smart instrumentation – challenges, benefits and opportunities
Finance, funding and programme delivery
Case studies – where has it gone right; where has it gone wrong?
We are seeking contributions from all those who could help to advance our thinking on the above, and associated, topics.


Submission of final papers



Authors of accepted contributions have until Monday 17th July to work their abstract up into a full paper (minimum 4 pages (1600 words) and maximum 10 pages (5000 words)).

To submit your final paper, you will need to log into the submission site using the user name and password you created whilst submitting your abstract.  Once logged in, please click on the “Active” link next to “Author”.   Beside your paper, you should see “Awaiting upload” in the status column.  Please click on this and follow the submission instructions.  You will need to use the paper template below.

ISNGI Paper Template (Word 34kb)

These papers will then be reviewed for comments and notification of this will by Tuesday 8th August.   Final submission of the paper will be by Friday 25th August.

The final paper will be published in a printed and online conference proceedings.

The Academic Steering Group in consultation with the International Advisory Committee and editors will select the most innovative contributions for candidates for publication of a full paper in a special themed issue of Smart Infrastructure and Construction planned for 2018.


Submission of poster abstracts


As part of the ISNGI event, we will be running a poster session and we welcome submissions from anyone who can provide a poster on a suitable theme/topic.

Short abstracts (max 500 words) should be submitted online by Friday 18th August 2017.

The abstract, which should make clear that the topic responds to at least one of the overarching themes or questions, will be reviewed for selection to the symposium by the ISNGI Academic Steering Committee.   Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection of their abstracts shortly after submission.

A hard copy of the poster should be brought to the event.  Unfortunately ISNGI will not be able to print posters or provide funding for this.

Please note that posters should use the ISNGI poster template and should be portrait orientation and A0 in size.

ISNGI Poster Template (Pptx 102kb)

Key Dates

Deadline for submitted full conference paper Monday 17th July
Deadline for poster abstracts Friday 18th August
Notification of paper comments Tuesday 8th August
Final papers submitted for conference proceedings Friday 25th August