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Keynote Corina Kwami: Sustainable Livingplaces

Keynote Corina Kwami: Sustainable Livingplaces

Corina Kwami, University College London, Associate Director of Strategy at Purpose

Sustainable Living Places

Dr Kwami has worked on infrastructure, health and tech projects in countries in over 10 countries across Latin America, Africa and South east Asia, at the intersection of engineering, policy and planning for sustainable urban futures. Corina has worked in international development on public health, water and energy projects with organisations including: United Nations (World Health Organisation and International Labour Organisation), Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and LSE Cities. Her work on infrastructure includes working with utilities in Latin America, specifically exploring the transformation of Medellin, Colombia.

Described as a modern Renaissance woman for her work in STEM and the arts, Corina has been featured by the Centre for International Education Exchange (CIEE) for Inspiring Social Change. Her broader vision is to integrate a diversity of experiences to create sustainable cities and communities. Dr Kwami does this through projects and speaking engagements that use the arts to promote creative communication through the UNLEASH Innovation Lab (Denmark, Singapore and China), collaborations with over 10 Moroccan cities and various diversity programs in Germany.