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Session 1C: After the floods 2021

Session 1C: After the floods 2021

After the floods 2021: why and how to shape resilient infrastructures

Organisers: Jens Ivo Engels and Nadja Thiessen

Wednesday 7 September 15:30 – 16:45


Managing Flood Risk in Times of Climate Change

Swenja Surminski, LSE London (United Kingdom)


Damages at Bridges along the Ahr River

Lisa Burghardt, RWTH Aachen (Germany)


Infrastructure Failures and Coping Strategies of Citiziens during the 2021 Flood in Germany

Michaela Leštáková, TU Darmstadt (Germany)

Steffen Haesler, TU Darmstadt (Germany)

Nadja Thiessen, TU Darmstadt (Germany)