Please find the programme for ISNGI 2017 below – please note that this is subject to change and that final details will be added as soon as possible.

ISNGI Agenda (PDF 373KB)


GH = Great Hall;   TT = Thomas Telford Lecture Theatre;  GM = Godfrey Mitchell Theatre;   PR = Palmer Room;  RR = Rennie Room;   SR = Smeaton Roon;  BR = Brunel Room

Monday 11th September

08.00 Registration GH
09.00 Introduction and welcome TT
09.10 Opening address: UKCRIC: a transformational global opportunity for collaboration on infrastructure research TT
  Professor Brian Collins, Convenor of UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC), UCL
09.30 The role of ICE in developing integrated approaches to engineering using digital systems as a catalyst TT
  Professor Tim Broyd, Professor of Built Environment Foresight and President of the Institute of Civil Engineers
10.10 Measuring the value added of infrastructure for society. TT
  Aernout van der Bend, Managing Director, Next Generation Infrastructures, The Netherlands
10.50 Coffee Break GH
11.10 Parallel Sessions
  Panel Session:

Systems thinking to transform infrastructure services

Professor John Beckford, UCL and UKCRIC

Professor Cynthia Mitchell, UTS, Sydney, Australia

Anne O’Neil, Systems Engineering Strategist and Catalyst

Dr Ajith Parlikad, University of Cambridge

Professor Colin Taylor (Chair), University of Bristol and UKCRIC

Contributed talks:

Learning frameworks for infrastructure provision
Colin Taylor

Next generation doctoral training at the University of Cambridge for future infrastructure and built environment
Niamh Gibbons

Prosperity in a Rocking Boat
Peter Dudley

Contributed talks:

Next Generation Infrastructure Interdependencies: An economic deterministic model of transport interdependencies in the United Kingdom
Nikolaos Kalyviotis

Infrastructure System of Systems Integrity
Ricardo Peculis

Navigating complexity for next generation infrastructure decision-making: integrating governance and modelling analysis
Katherine Lovell

Details to be confirmed…
12.10 Lunch GH
13.10 The role of smart infrastructure and construction for next generation cities TT
  Professor Lord Robert Mair CBE FREng FICE FRS, Sir Kirby Laing Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Cambridge 
13.50 10 minutes to move to parallel sessions
14.00 Parallel Sessions
  Panel session:

Delivery of infrastructure systems and services

Professor Jim Hall, University of Oxford and UKCRIC (Chair)

Professor Chris Barrett, Virginia Tech, USA

Professor Pascal Perez, University of Wollongong, Australia

David Warburton, Auckland Transport, New Zealand


Contributed talks:

The individual as the key-stakeholder of Next Generation Infrastructure projects: Defining the social value of transport infrastructure in the United Kingdom
Nikolaos Kalyviotis

Coping with Social Complexity of Infrastructure Projects
Ricardo Peculis

Engineering Comes Home: co-designing nexus infrastructure from the bottom-up
Sarah Bell

Contributed talks:

Stick or twist ? The transformative opportunities offered by infrastructure degradation
Paul Jeffrey

Moving Towards a Resilient Multi-Modal Transport Network: Great Britain’s Case Study
Joe Urwin

Real-time multi-hazard risk of interurban highway networks
Anastasios Sextos

Contributed talks:

Measuring Infrastructure Performance – a new Approach based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Gordon Masterton 

System-Of-Systems Infrastructure Modelling To Support National Sustainable Development Outcomes 
Tom Russell

NISMOD-DB++: A next generation spatiotemporal database framework for infrastructure systems analytics and modelling
Stuart Barr

15.00 Coffee Break GH
15.20 The Next Generation must be Net-Positive TT
   Professor Cynthia Mitchell, Deputy Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS, Sydney, Australia
16.00 Smart City: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly TT
  Professor Pascal Perez, Director, SMART Infrastructure Facility, University of Wollongong, Australia
16.40 Active Mobility and Smart Infrastructure: Can they Co-Exist? TT
  Professor Robert Cervero, Director of the University of California Transportation Center (UCTC), USA
17.20 UKCRIC Capital Investment Programme TT
Professor David Richards, University of Southampton and UKCRIC
17.40 Poster Session and Wine Reception GH
19.30 Day Close

Tuesday 12th September

08.00 Registration GH
09.00 The role of the NIC and how it is affecting the infrastructure policy landscape, in the UK and globally TT
  Sir John Armitt CBE FREng FICE, Deputy Chairman National Infrastructure Commission
09.40 10 minutes to move to parallel sessions
09.50 Parallel Sessions
Panel session:

Governance of infrastructure systems and services

Sir John Armitt, National Infrastructure Commission

Cees Brandsen, Rijkswaterstaat

Professor Brian Collins, UCL and UKCRIC (Chair)

Hon. Wayne Swan MP,
Former Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia; Member of the Australian House of Representatives, Australia

Contributed talks:

A decision support system for proactively managing subsurface utilities
Barry Clarke

Assessing the Underworld – Understanding the Context for Engineering the Next Generation Infrastructure
Chris Rogers

Designing urban deep basements in South East England for future ground movement: Progress and opportunities for experimental simulation of long-term heave
Deryck Chan

Contributed talks:

Next generation offshore infrastructure
Susan Gourvenec

Vulnerability of Maritime Infrastructure: A Network Science Approach
Jitendra Agarwal

Smart biomimetic Construction Materials for Next Generation Infrastructure
Abir Al-Tabbaa


Details to be confirmed…
10.50 Coffee Break GH
11.10 Moving from BIM to a Digital Economy in infrastructure and city programmes TT
  Mark Bew, Chairman at PCSG, Chairman at BIM Task Group
11.50 City and infrastructure governance TT
  Isabel Dedring, Global Transport Leader, Arup
12.30 Lunch GH
13.30 TBC TT
  Cees Brandsen, Chief Engineer Director, Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands
14.10 Experience of transport strategy and programme execution in a rapidly growing city TT
  David Warburton, Chief Executive, Auckland Transport, New Zealand
14.50 Smarter Towns, Better Living – Developing Smart Urban Habitats   TT
  Er. Dr. Johnny Wong, Group Director, Building & Research Institute, Housing & Development Board, Singapore
15.30 Coffee Break GH
15.50 Parallel Sessions
Panel session:

Cities and Urban Systems

Professor Chris Rogers, University of Birmingham and UKCRIC (Chair)

Julie Alexander, Siemens

Professor Robert Cervero, University of California Transportation Center (UCTC), USA

Jeremy Skinner, Greater London Authority

Panel session

The impact of IoT on infrastructure asset management

Mark de Bruijne, TU Delft

Giel Jürgens, Port of Rotterdam

Wim Verheul, ProRail


16.50 City and infrastructure governance TT
  Sir Mark Walport FRS FMedSci, Government Chief Scientific Advisor
17.30 Day Close
18.30 Pre-dinner drinks SR & BR
19.30 Conference Dinner

After dinner speech: Planning infrastructure in big cities: London’s example

Jules Pipe, Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills, Greater London Authority


Wednesday 13th September

08.00 Registration GH
09.00 Infrastructure as an economic enabler TT
  Amanda Clack, President, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Partner, EY, Head of Infrastructure (Advisory)
09.30 Land use, worker heterogeneity and welfare benefits of public goods TT
  Professor Coen Teulings, Montague-Burton Professor of Labour Economics University of Cambridge
10.10 Coffee Break GH
10.30 Infrastructure research and the UK funding landscape TT
  Professor Philip Nelson, Chief Executive, EPSRC and Chair, Research Councils UK Strategic Executive
11.10 10 minutes to move to parallel sessions
11.20 Parallel Sessions
  Panel session:

Funding and Finance for Infrastructure

Tom Bousfield, National Infrastructure Commission

Amanda Clack, RICS

Professor Philip Nelson, EPSRC

Ann Pettifor, PRIME

Professor Phil Purnell, University of Leeds and UKCRIC (Chair)

Contributed talks:

Governance tools for adaptive infrastructure: lessons from Medellin, Colombia
Corina Kwami

A Conceptual City Systems Model Framework for Stakeholders to Assess their Energy Needs and their Future Management of the Next Generation Infrastructure
Susan Lee

Realising the circular economy in wastewater infrastructure – the role of governance
Heather Smith

Contributed talks:

Solid Waste Infrastructure Modelling Software (SWIMS); determining future waste arisings and waste treatment infrastructure needs within a system of systems model to act as a decision support tool
Keiron Roberts 

A Systemic, Purposeful, Performance-led and outcome oriented approach to Infrastructure Need Assessment
Tom Dolan

A Systems Thinking Approach to the Development of Alternative Infrastructure Business Models
Christopher Bouch

Contributed talks:

Planning pathways to climate-ready mobility infrastructure
Andrew Quinn

A Storm Cometh: Can we better protect infrastructure from the impacts of approaching storms using rational assessment frameworks?
Sean Wilkinson

Designing a road traffic model for the cross-sectoral analysis of future national infrastructure
Milan Lovric

12.20 Lunch GH
13.20 Digital underpinnings for smart cities: challenges and opportunities TT
  Professor Nick Jennings, Vice Provost (Research), Imperial College London
14.00 10 minutes to move to parallel sessions
14.10 Parallel Sessions
Panel session :

Digital Transformation

Mark Bew, UK BIM Task Group

Mark Enzer, Mott MacDonald

Rick Robinson, Amey

Dr. Jennifer Schooling, University of Cambridge and UKCRIC (Chair)

Contributed talks:

Intelligent Brokerage in the UK Water Sector: A collaborative approach to supply chain innovation
Andrew Hale

Financing supply chain resilient infrastructures via resilience bond 
Yang Song 

Impact of NGI on the productivity of Australian cities
Fariba Ramezani

Contributed talks:

Mapping out the landscape of long-term national infrastructure demands for the U.K.’s National Infrastructure Assessment
Matt Ives

Next Generation Infrastructure Modelling for Next Generation Infrastructure Decision Support
Will Usher

Many objective cost benefit analysis through stakeholder co-production
Julien Harou

Contributed talks:

A Hybrid Framework For Evaluation Of Long-Term Energy Infrastructure Systems: An Empirical Study In Downstream Critical Oil And Gas Infrastructures
Dianabasi Akpan

Ecological interdependencies of infrastructure projects
Jennifer Whyte

Not if, but when? Simulating the impact of timing the nuclear phase-out in Switzerland
Paul van Baal

15.10 Coffee Break GH
15.30 Parallel Sessions
  Panel session

Future Research and Innovation Agendas for Next Generation Infrastructure Systems

Participants to be confirmed…

Contributed talks:

A Distributed Ledger Model for City Services
David Traub-Werner

Quiet streets clean air
Hugh Forehead

The role of infrastructure in Smart cities
Marianna Cavada

Contributed talks:

How Entrepreneurial Economic Theory Will Shape Infrastructure Investment
Michael Goodfellow-Smith

Slow Spots and Not Spots:  Alternative Business Models and Access to Broadband in Rural Areas
John Bryson

Municipal Bonds As A Means Of Accelerating Local Infrastructure Investment

Francesca Medda

Contributed talks:

Analysis of Electricity Network Risks from Daily Maxima Wind Gusts using a high-resolution Climate Model
Francesco Castellani

A Next Generation of CAT (NG-CAT) models
Maria Pregnolato

Challenges in SpaceTime – Coupling Models of Next Generation Infrastructure
Tom Russell

16.30 10 minutes to move to plenary session
16.40 Delivering the ‘modelled world’ of infrastructure TT
  Professor Jim Hall, Director, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford and UKCRIC
17.10 UKCRIC; joining the dots in infrastructure and cities research TT
  Professor William Powrie, Dean of the Faculty and Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton and UKCRIC
17.40 Event Close