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Smart and integrated infrastructure

From data to smart infrastructures, from smart cities to a smart world. On the second day of ISNGI we will focus on infrastructure in the digital age.

Digitalisation and datafication of infrastructure service provision are providing part of the answer to the challenges of our time. There’s a wealth of big data on infrastructure assets and its use. However, all these data are barely fully analysed, let alone being used for better operation and maintenance of our infrastructures at the benefits of the customers. Data analytics don’t make smart infrastructures, but they are a necessary condition for them. Smart control integrates heterogeneous data sources for operation purposes. How can we optimize the infrastructures by using data? And how do we cope with new risks and vulnerabilities, resulting from the digitalisation and datafication?



  • Data driven maintenance and innovation in infrastructure
  • Smart Sustainable Cities
  • Infrastructure Systems for an Intelligent Nation
  • Modelling and visualization of infrastructure interdependencies
  • From Data to Smart Cities
  • Uncertainty modelling and propagation
  • Smart circular cities