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September 17th 2021

Societal values and infrastructure governance

A broad perspective on infrastructure. From social inclusiveness to innovations in infrastructure value accounting.
Infrastructure is not a goal in itself.Infrastructure is more than economics. It is the basis for welfare and participation. It is about the provision of essential services to all members of society, about ensuring the affordability, reliability and acceptability of these services, and about respecting values like fairness and justice in the way these services are provided. Infrastructure is crucial for the quality of life, and for the quality of living together. How do we measure these broad values of infrastructure?
  • A societal value perspective on infrastructure
  • Social and Economic Infrastructure
  • Impact journey: innovations in infrastructure value accounting
  • Measuring infrastructure performance: policy objectives versus performance metrics
  • Funding and financing infrastructure
  • Inclusive cities and infrastructure
  • Opening up methods for engagement with infrastructure
  • Accommodating cross-sector initiatives for infrastructure in transition: the case of hydrogen