Dr Matt Ives

Dr Matt Ives

Infrastructure Systems Modeller, Environmental Change Institute

Dr Matt Ives is a research scientist with extensive experience in systems modelling, environmental sustainability, economics, and information technology. He has experience in both the private and public sectors including modelling infrastructure adaptation in UK, assessing AusAID-funded sustainable infrastructure projects in China; working on sustainability indicators with the US Forest service; on fisheries assessment and population modelling in Australia; and in developing software systems for private enterprises.

Dr Ives is currently employed as an Infrastructure Systems Modeller at the Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute where he is combining his passion for environmental sustainability with his years of experience in systems modelling. As a key member of the Oxford-led Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC) Dr Ives managed the development of the National Infrastructure Systems Model for long-term planning (NISMOD-LP). NISMOD-LP is an infrastructure modelling tool that incorporates key infrastructure components including energy, water, waste, transport and information technology into an integrated system-of-systems for modelling long term infrastructure capacity and demand. Through collaborations with HM Treasury Infrastructure UK and the new National Infrastructure Commission Dr Ives has been applying the NISMOD-LP tool in the UK to help inform decisions around future infrastructure requirements and the implications of changing socio-economic and climatic conditions on our economic sustainability and prosperity. Dr Ives is also currently working with the UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS) to develop international infrastructure modelling capabilities in post-disaster, post-conflict areas to help ensure that infrastructure is being ‘built back better’ and that interdependencies between infrastructure sectors are incorporated into planning decisions.

Dr Ives has published on a number of pioneering areas of research including long term infrastructure planning, the valuation of changes in mortality associated with infrastructure improvement projects, the assessment of waste management infrastructure in the UK, indicators for weak and strong definitions of sustainability in forestry management, bio-statistical analyses of species movement, the impact of model structure uncertainty on species population modelling, and standards for risk management of natural resources. Dr Ives holds an Honours degree in Economics and a PhD in fisheries systems modelling from the University of NSW, Australia as well as a Masters of Environmental Management from Portland State University, USA.