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Keynote Sølve Fauskevåg (Vice President of Business Development at AugmentCity)

Keynote Sølve Fauskevåg (Vice President of Business Development at AugmentCity)

Sølve is a smart city expert on a mission to regenerate the cities of the world. 

Sølve is on a mission to accelerate and de-risk sustainable city transformations globally. He is one of Norways leading experts on smart sustainable cities and has held positions as Head of Innovation Norway’s Hub for Smart Sustainable Cities, board member of Nordic Solutions for C40, Norwegian Smart Cities prior to joining AugmentCity as Vice President.

Now, he’s spearheading a partnership-driven mission to leverage the world’s most advanced offshore based simulation technology combined with a data-driven systems approach to enable cities to achieve net-zero faster, at lower risk – and while improving urban quality of life. This approach is supporting close to all Norwegian cities, and a growing portfolio of cities internationally. The AugmentCity platform has recently picked up speed also with other key stakeholders and net-zero solution-providers which enables a truly integrated systems approach and a possible evolution of a metaverse for sustainable cities.

Sølve’s background in public planning from the University of Bergen, Norway, adds depth and direction to the gaming based, future proof technology platform he brings into play through AugmentCity. He’s also experienced with delivering complex large-scale transformation programmes across Europe and globally after a decade of positions with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Belgium, and Rolls-Royce, UK/Norway.

Nationality: Norwegian

Connect: LinkedIn ; sf@augmentcity.no