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Session 2D: Research presentations: Modelling and simulation

Session 2D: Research presentations: Modelling and simulation

Selected research presentations, session chaired by Chris Barrett and Zofia Lukszo

  • Infrastructure investment planning through scenario-based system-of-systems modelling – Sahand Asgarpour, University of Twente
  • Managing multi-infra challenges: a systems-of-systems approach – Thom de Vries, University of Groningen
  • Building multi-system models of next generation infrastructure on DAFNI – Brian Matthews, UKRI
  • Infrastructure policy and digital twinning – Katherine Lovell, University of Sussex
  • Intervention planning optimization of interconnected systems: an integrative multi-system and multi-stakeholder approach – Omar Kammouh, TU Delft
  • Breaking the bad news – ICT as an emergent infrastructure in response to Covid-19 pandemic – Chaitali Dighe, Technical University Darmstadt
  • The productivity of 21st century real estate – Joseph Mayhew, Cradle Infrastructure